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About Me

I have been working as a content creator for more than 3 years. consistently fascinated by the discovery of new things and AI features, staying abreast of the latest knowledge.

Work experience:

Fresh out of university, I embraced the challenges of the tech world, dedicating 6 years to AI functions development. Their prowess in crafting cutting-edge solutions and pushing the limits of AI became the hallmark of their journey.

Observing the growing trend of individuals capturing and sharing their lives through videos or images, I became intrigued by multimedia. Subsequently, in 2019, I delved into researching and began writing blog posts on this subject for various websites.


Throughout my years of writing, I've contributed content on video translation, video editing, photo editing, and audio editing to various websites such as,,, and more.

I chose to become a part of BlipCut due to their expertise in AI and other advanced technologies. The allure of creating breathtaking movies and videos captivated me, making it a pleasure to contribute to this field every day.


Beyond the work, I am an enthusiast who finds joy in life's simple pleasures. Whether exploring with a camera, savoring a good book, or vibing to eclectic tunes, I bring a diverse mix of interests to the table.

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