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Create generative AI videos on Discord totally free! Seamlessly transform your text into captivating videos, and redefine your narrative and enhance visual experiences with our state-of-the-art AI Video Generator like Sora OpenAI.

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How to Use AI to Create Videos

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Step 1

Join our Discord

Click on the Generate Video on Discord button on this official website.

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Step 2

Type Your Prompt

Find the "text to video" channel on Discord and type "/" then select "/create" bot to enter your prompt.

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Step 3

Get Your AI Video

You will get your customized AI videos in minutes. Besides, you can generate videos until you're satisfied without limits.

Create AI-Generated Videos Entirely with AI

Use BlipCut AI tool to convert text to video and effortlessly bring your ideas to life.

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Generate A Video with Text to Video Converter

Craft copyright-free AI-generated videos seamlessly with our innovative platform. Level up your content creation without worrying about copyright constraints, unlocking limitless possibilities for your creative vision.

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Remove Video Watermark
from AI Videos

Enhance your video aesthetics by effortlessly removing watermarks from AI-generated videos, supported by HitPaw.

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Enhance AI-Generated Videos
Up to 4K

Take your AI-generated videos to new heights by enhancing them up to 4K resolution, bringing your content to life in stunning detail.

BlipCut AI Video Generator For Everyone

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Boost your marketing efforts with BlipCut's AI Video Generator. Capture attention, convey your message effectively, and stand out with AI.

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Social Media

Create scroll-stopping content and transform your ideas into captivating videos, making a lasting impact on social media with AI generated video.

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Learning & Develpment

Easily convert educational content into compelling videos to enhance training videos with AI, enriching the learning experience.

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Film Production

Streamline the creative process, generate stunning visuals, and bring your cinematic vision to life to improve storytelling in film.

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Art & Design

Fuel your creativity with this free AI video maker for art and design – providing copyright-free materials to spark inspiration.

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Game Development

Seamlessly integrate dynamic visuals into your gaming experience, bringing worlds to life with innovative storytelling.

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People Love Our AI Video Generator

Free access makes it even better!

The fact that it's completely free is mind-blowing! I can effortlessly generate engaging videos for my gaming community. What's more, I think it's a very good idea to generate videos in Discord just like Midjourney, I don't have to worry about finding this tool anymore because it's now inside my Discord all the time.

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Sean Rose

Game Developer

BlipCut has become a must-have tool for my designs!

As a designer, BlipCut is my creative companion. It effortlessly transforms my design concepts into stunning videos and it's like having a video studio at my fingertips. Its AI understands exactly what I mean by my prompt and then generates a video, which has inspired me a lot.

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Sean Rose

Web Designer

BlipCut AI Video Generator is a YouTuber's best friend!

It often generates novelty videos that my fans love. It transforms my channel with dynamic videos. It's like having a video production team in my pocket, enhancing my YouTube scenes with creativity and ease.

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FAQs about AI Video Generation

Yes, BlipCut AI Video Generator is completely free! You can enjoy the full range of features without any cost, making it a fantastic and accessible tool for all your video creation needs. Now, you can generate AI videos that you are happy with without any limit in BlipCut.

You can easily remove watermark from video online with ease. If you want to remove BlipCut logo from AI generated video, you can also contact our support team via email at [email protected].

You can convert text to video AI for free on BlipCut. Here are the simple guide.

  • Join BlipCut Discord firstly.
  • After joining discord, you can follow the directions to the "text to video" channel and type "/" to find the "/create" bot.
  • Type in your prompt and send it, and in a few minutes you'll get your AI video.

Want to make a high-quality AI video? Don't worry, there are many AI video enhancer online tools, such as HitPaw Online Video Enhancer, for a simple and effective way to enhance your video quality.

Video Creation, All Done By AI

AI Generate Videos Completely Free!

Start creating generative AI videos with BlipCut AI Video Generator on Discord, with no limit! Dive into the world of limitless possibilities – let's amplify your Discord experience together. Generate free AI video from text like OpenAI Sora now.

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